Veal shoulder roast with carrots and a little port wine.

What I appreciate most, since I retired, is to have the proper time to go shopping for food at a decent price . I  never had the opportunity of doing so when I was at work and away for very long hours. Needless to say what we ate was quickly made food but never “fast” food, mainly boiled or raw veggies with easily cooked meat or fresh fish ( easily found in Brittany).

We managed to keep our youngsters away from ready-made type of food, which was tough at times.  No hamburgers, no chicken nuggets … at home, YUCK 😦 and no Coca Cola either to prevent obesity. Nowadays they have grown out of their teenage  crush on  “McDonald’s” and similar.

When I was in the States , I had always been shocked at seeing people swallowing down big chunks ( big is redundant here!!)  of food and drinking out of huge  paper glasses.

One story sums it all. Our son, who must have been about 13 at that time, wanted to go to Malibu beach for the first time. He was expecting to meet top-model type of girls on the sand 🙂 –  as seen on TV obviously. Well, well, well! What a disappointment! All he could visualize were overweight (  an understatement! ) girls and women.   America, the land of plenty in those days had found its limits with our young teenager and couldn’t be trusted in its TV series either 🙂 🙂

Menu of the day ( lunch time) : Veal shoulder with carrots and potatoes as a main and only dish. Clementines as a dessert.


Visual recipe:

Time: 50 minutes

Cost: 11€ for 4 people

Side plate: oak leaf salad in vinegar sauce.

Dessert: 2 mandarines each 🙂