A countryside delight: boudin noir, purée et tranches de pommes.

A visit to the organic food market yesterday evening made the menu of the next day. 

We ended up buying ” boudin noir ” which seemed to have cast a spell on my husband ; -)

The kind of dish you love or loathe !!!!

We love “boudin” whatever way it is cooked. I still remember making long boudin sausages with my mum, once upon a time.


The way I prepared it for lunch today is just basic.

Ingredients for 4 people.

1kg potatoes, 4 apples, 4 small boudins, 1 onion, a small glass of milk, butter, salt, pepper and breadcrumbs


1- Make mash potatoes with a little milk and butter. I use a food mill 🙂  


2- In a frying pan, crush the boudin without its skin with a fork,  mix it with chopped onion  previously blanched. Heat the mixture gently for a few minutes.

3- Peel  and  slice the 4 apples. Fry them  quickly in a little butter  until they get golden . Reserved.

How to?

* Butter an oven-proof dish

* Add the first layer of puree,  the slices of apples, the hot boudin with onion and finally, a last layer of purée with breadcrumbs and small knobs of butter.

* Put the preparation in the oven ( 210°C)  for 20 minutes.

                                                  It is ready!

Side plate: green salad in vinegar sauce.

A glass of red wine from the Loire Valley  to give the dish a final touch + fresh  crusty French baguette.

A true delight! 🙂 🙂