Are we all getting absolute nuts?


Read in the press  Finland is about to drop handwriting in schools! Click on this link, please.  

Any primary school teacher will tell you there is an intimate connection between handwriting and the learning-reading-writing process. The keyboard will never replace the hand ,  pen and paper. Are we going to create highly crippled kids not being able to write freely their own paper supported thoughts without a tablet , a computer, a smartphone or any other digital devices? 

I have always wondered if  the collection of new adopted ideas are finally a way to reduce the cost of education or to really improve our kids’ literacy.

I am concerned about the  rather “failing” French educational system which is always eager to adopt the new trendy methods. At the time being the Finnish school system has got the last word. How long? Who knows?

 In  France, in recent years,  educational models have always been always better anywhere else in the world ( in Germany for a while, then in Sweden and recently in Finland) as if we had lost the ability to create our own. Crazy! Might be out of laziness or probably  avoiding a  costly long-term non biased research on the subject! What comes in regularly is ” why not adopt new methods if they work somewhere else?” No evaluation in the long run but I have seen how damaging so-called new methods have been over recent decades.

I have always resented the fact that so many high school kids weren’t able to spell and write coherently anymore. I have also resented the lack of real  teachers’ training, the lack of support resulting in blaming them, all the way through . And now, the possibility of getting  handwriting optional! My, my! What on earth is happening to us? 

Might that be an umpteenth quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns? Not so sure!