What Xmas is synonymous of nowadays.

Each year, getting into the Xmas mood is getting more and more difficult. 

I can’t stand the lavish show of mass consumption starting early november and the forceful trade trying to impose on people what Americans call Black Friday, at the beginning of december, turning people into frantic and somehow beasty shoppers.

More and more credits are taken to buy stupid items for spoilt children who will ignore their gifts five minutes after opening them on Xmas Day. The consequence? The most fragile part of the population will  be in the red for the rest of the year! 


* volunteers position themselves at the exit of super or hypermarkets to “beg” for food for the homeless and poor people who can’t feed their family, not alone themselves.

* TV shows are programmed to collect money for the food bank and  for the charity Les Restos du Coeur. 

* Green Santas  working for the Le Secours Populaire are roaming the streets in the town centers to collect some toys for deprived kids.


So on and so forth…

I believe our countries have never being as rich as they are now  but, … the number of the (working and non-working) poor, of the homeless and of the social outcasts ( whom I call ” the rejected people”)  is growing tremendously. How long are we going to put up with this? 


Not the kind of society I would go along with if I had the choice,  avoiding, for the time being, to feed the strong urge of using a fork like in the fightful old days!