Let’s start the new year with a smile.

Right then! The beginning of a new year is always- most of the time anyway 😉 – a time to get started  in your New Year’s resolutions. One of them being to reorganize things around and emptying overfilled drawers and clear them from unnecessary items long forgotten. 

Doing so, I came upon an old piece of newspaper enclosed in a Christmas card sent to me by a dear friend of mine in Great Britain. I unfolded the paper and the headline  of the article read:  ” To insult Monsieur le Frog is a vice anglaise” 😉 Right away I remembered reading it 4 years ago and smiling at its content all the way through. A real piece of British humour whose subject is dealing with the secular , if not millennial,  love-hate relationship between the French and the English.

According to Ben Macintyre, columnist writing for The Times, ” French is rich in words that express disdain for the English and vice versa”,  ” Newspapers like to call these ritual jousts as “” a war of words””, but at its most fundamental Anglo-French rivalry is really a war in words” . War in words about sexual habits, cuisine and duplicity 😉 

I really enjoyed that article and here it is. I haven’t got Macintyre’s talent to express this ancestral war in words but I would acknowledge his point of view 😉 , not being completely French and him not being completely English with a family name like his ( sounds Scottish or Irish to me 😉  ) 

Ben Macintyre’s article ( 12/20/11)

” …to anyone else it is double Dutch” 😉 😉 😉 

See what I am coming up with clearing my drawers 😉 😉 I wonder what other special something will come out of them.  A new chore ahead which seems to take an unexpected, surprising and enjoyable turn! I have never been able to resist British humour, even  if it is serious and hits a sensitive spot.

” Messieurs les anglais, tirez les premiers”  😉  Excuse my French 😉 😉