A quickly home- made recipe: rabbit cooked in white wine

No   Easter Bunny syndrome  in France, our church bells bring eggs to our kids on their way back from Rome.

So on Easter monday, no problem to cook rabbit 😉 

A quick and easy recipe indeed with healthy lean meat.

 Ingredients for 4 people:

– 4 rabbit legs.

– 12,5 cl ( a small glass)l of dry white wine + a small glass of water

– 4 knobs of butter ( I used semi- salted butter)

– 2 spoonful of oil ( I use peanut oil)

– Mustard

– Salt and pepper


 How to?

– In a casserole, over the gas fire, fry the meat in the oil until well browned.

– When the legs are well browned, get them out of the pot and cover them with mustard

– Put them back in the pot and reduce the heat for a while so they can simmer without burning for 15 minutes.

– Add the white wine. Wait until it simmers ( I like the word” shivers” better )  then add the water, salt and pepper. 

– 30 minutes later the rabbit is ready!

That’s all there is to it !! A straight forward recipe  for everybody, kids and grown-ups alike.  You can add some thyme for more flavor.

Serve with boiled potatoes or pasta. This time, I chose ” Farfalles”, the butterfly-shaped pasta.