Leave it to volunteers ;-) They will do miracles!

Chapelle St Antoine, Plouézoc'h. Baie de Morlaix. Finistère. France
Chapelle St Antoine, Plouézoc’h. Baie de Morlaix. Finistère. France

We were on our way to The Cairn of Barnenez when we figured out we would stop at a little chapel we hadn’t seen for ages. We were expecting to see it in very bad shape as it was going to rack and ruin when we approached it last time. It’s a pity I didn’t have a digital camera then 😦

 That chapel is dedicated to St Anthony the Hermit and was originally built in the late 13th century, about or a little bit more than 700 years ago, mind you! 😉 

This time, we saw a beautiful chapel having been restored , roofed with local slates and painted. What an awesome surprise!

First of all, it was open and it was the very first time we went in. We met some members of the association in charge of the restoration works. They have done a beautiful job! They are still at it every wednesday morning. What an expertise these volunteers have shown! 

Have a look!








Very impressive indeed when you remember what it was like some 20 years ago! Bravo!!