Le musée du loup en Bretagne intérieure / The inland Brittany wolf museum

I remember last time I visited that museum.  It was in summer 2011 with a party of friends from Greece, Sicily and Latvia. Since then the museum closed and was completely reorganized. I went last weekend to see what it is like now. 

Strong (+)  and weak points (-):

+++ more scientific comments based on historical, anatomical, environmental, ethnographical  documents …

– – – but,    it has no longer a place specifically  dedicated to kids to read  stories, to have their imagination drawn to the myths legends and folklore , to make them understand the impact of that animal on everyday life up to the very beginning of  the XXth century. A pity, really!  Where are the kiddie masks which were so creative once upon a time?  😦  To me, the museum has lost a bit of its soul.