An epic in Burma worth if not better than Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps.


The author of this fist novel, John Sweeney, writes a fiction based on a true story about how Oozies, elephants’handlders, managed to save refugees out of Burma onto India in 1942 during WWII.

A story of bravery, courage and compassion throughout a thousand miles from Burma ( Mandalay attacked by the Japanese in 1942) to Eastern India.

A fiction worth reading, to remember the incredible struggle of these elephant men , part «  natural history, part epic trail out of Burma over the mountains » of the Himalayas.

A tribute to elephants :

for their kindness when respected by humans.

for their absolute love for their babies.

for their limitless solidarity to their herd. 

for their intelligence.

for their wisdom ( when not spoilt by humans) and their most sophisticated social relationships ( a mother can rely on « aunties » to help with her calf)

You end up preferring the company of elephants to the one of rough human beings 😉