A weekend out of town

Well, well, well! I have never travelled so much in my young life before. You see, I used to stay indoors with my young owners.

Nowadays, living with grandpa and grandma for the summer, life has become very thrilling. They are both in their roaring sixties, and when I say roaring, it is roaring. I can’t believe how active they are! 😉 And to top it all, they are always  present and very attentive to me. To the extend, I asked for some rest yesterday 😉 

Last weekend, we went on two beautiful walks as the weather was great: not too hot but sunny. As I am extremely sensitive to direct sunshine , we went to the Forest of Cranou which has nice little streams refreshing your paws when needed. That was on saturday. 


On sunday, the outing was just as nice along The Brest to Nantes Canal. We went out for the day then and I even had my picnic by the waterway and played with children and got told off when I got too near bicycle riders, my two-legged friends being a bit too strict, sometimes 😦 


 By the end of the weekend, I was dead and I thoroughly slept all night long, having dreams of  turtle-doves, pigeons and pheasants. I also snored a lot, but that is my little secret 😉 Don’t tell anyone! 😉