Deep into Follett’s writings

Yep! I have decided to read as many books as possible by Ken Follett.

The books I think are not his best up to now, apart from the books already talked about in this blog:

Hornet Flight: too predictable ( set during WWII)

A place called freedom: frankly boring ( the story takes place in America in the XVIIIth century)

A dangerous fortune: Victorian times seen by Follett. Well, tough not to be Dickens, Austen , Thackeray. Hardy ,  Elliot … not to mention the Brontës ,  Wilde …

Recently, the book I found most interesting to read:

Eye of the needle: I would agree with the Miami Herald which qualifies the book as “Top-notch suspense … A terrific thriller… Spellbinding”. A compelling read, if I may say so. 

The scene takes place during WWII and we witness a vivid man hunt, a breathtaking spy hunt across Great Britain. A real page turner as far as I am concerned.  If I had to rate it, I would give it 5 out of 5 🙂


Next on the grill:

A key to Rebecca: a suspense novel .I already know  it might not be as enthralling as the one mentioned above … but who knows ? 😉 Let’s give it a chance!

Some weeks later: A Key to Rebecca read, not one of Follett’s best spy story! Didn’t really like the plot. 

Jacdaws:see above. Got hooked on the story.