A chapel with a magnificent rood screen in the Chapel of Kerfons in western Brittany

Last saturday, a visit to the chapel of Kerfons, in the county of Côtes d’Armor, was the highlight of our day.


We had already visited the place last april without being able to enter the chapel. The most extraordinary part of the chapel is to be found inside with an “ostentatious gothic chancel screen ” which is tracing back to the XVth century. Apparently it was sculpted in 1485, more than 5 centuries ago. 

5 arched arcades artfully separated  by strong twisted pillars.


The colors which were used in that chapel reminded us how colorful all Breton chapels, cathedrals, oratories and calvaries were  in those days. Nowadays the painting has disappeared, leaving the outdoor granite statues grey and covered with lichen 😦

Have a look at the altar. A bit too colorful according to contemporary taste which favors pastel shades.


We have been roaming,in the last 35 years,  not the vast Plains of Brittany, which don’t exist 😉 but the hundreds if not thousands of chapels and,  we must sincerely admit we have been impressed by that chapel nestled in one the most secluded part of the countryside, not far from the medieval stronghold of Tonquédec.

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Nevertheless, our favorite rood screen unquestionably remains the one located in St Fiacre Chapel in the county of Morbihan.