The French frigate Hermione is in Brest for a few days

After a rough crossing of the Atlantic to Brest, the frigate arrived safely in the port of Brest. 

Click on the link, it is worth it

I loathe crowds, so I got up early yesterday morning to have a chance to avoid the promiscuity of a massive crowd which gets really on my system. 

The weather was mild and clement. A great morning on the port without any crowd at all. 


The three-masted ship was hanging the port buildings as I walked down the great staircase leading to the port.



I had to go round to have a better look at the vessel, the access to the boat being absolutely blocked, which, to me, is a complete nonsense. I can understand the Hermione people are making money out of its tour but … obstructing the quay all day and night long is just not democratic. What about the local people who can’t afford to pay to have a close look at that beautiful vessel. Ok for security people, it is their job but … let’s not exclude local people some part of the day. We are used to be able to see our useful tugboat The Abeille Bourbon“, walking along the wharf, without paying. May I be heard.


I had a glimpse at the frigate, the look granted to the poor. 

Fortunately our castle stood open to anyone to view, even without money.

Will our town councillors be able to understand, one day, that penniless people cannot be excluded from what is going on in a city? Will they be able to? I have serious doubts.

Not very pleased with our town hall people, in fact. Why not partially allow free access to such “a flying bird”? She deserves it and our local taxes paid to allow her to moor to the dock Quai Malbert. 

Note: The local press announced on monday 17th, 2015 that 200.000 visitors came to Brest to approach the vessel or have a peep at her. Talk about crowds!! This could be a much better deal for the city than the international maritime festival due to take place in july 2016 and which is costing a bomb to our local budget, despite the million visitors  or more expected!!