A remarkable garden in Brittany: Kerdalo in the county of Cotes d’Armor

Let’s visit the remarkable romantic garden of Kerdalo, located on the river Le Jaudy, just opposite the beautiful old city of Tréguier


The label “Remarkable Gardens of France” was created in 2004 and is granted for 5 years by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. It permits the gardens’ public or private owners to have public recognition  for the fantastic work they are undertaking to develop their gardens and let me tell you they are enthusiastic about it.

The only snag was the fact that dogs are not allowed on the premises. So, our bully had to wait outside but … he somehow managed to get busy 😉





We took turns to get into the garden while Mister was “killing time”, absolutely bored 😉 

What a beauty! Talking about “Monseigneur”, of course 😉

Here are our pics which are by no means professional but they give an idea of what we saw and enjoyed very much.

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