Adapting oneself to a forgotten old fashioned veggie.

Back from the market place with Jerusalem artichokes which caught my eye on a stall . I don’t really know what got into me there!!!

My, my! I had heard my grandma talk about that veggie she used during World War II but, I didn’t have a clue how to cook it.

I set to work and boiled them like potatoes but much longer.



Surfed the web  which was positive you could purée them. My, my! what a disaster! I have an old fashioned food mill, you see. The result: a sort of liquid good for nothing 😦

After the first attempt, I figured out I’d better stop and dice them. I added a knob of raw and salted butter and had the Jerusalem artichokes kept warm on the stove.

That did it! 

Lunch was not ruined and I got compliments for the taste. I served them with roast veal, a roasted tomato with herbs and some frisée lettuce.

P1110269While the damn veggies were boiling, I had time to collect fresh strawberries in our garden, with the assistance of our bullie, which goes without saying 😉 , one for the small basket and one for him each time 😉 

A verrine half-filled with organic white cheese and very little sugar completed our lunch.


PHEW!  😉 😉 The other alternative would have been pasta 😕