Giacometti came to us!

Today, I went to the exceptional Giacometti exhibition taking place in a small town nearby. We are quite privileged since 2011 to be able to see great  renowned works of arts each year. This year the exhibition is focused on the Italian Swiss Alberto Gicometti from ” his pre-surrealist works to his more mature period “. 

I nearly didn’t enter the hall showing his sculptures, sketches and drawings. I hate crowds! But as the afternoon was coming to an end and the people left the place quite quickly giving me the opportunity to feel more at ease without too many people around. I love the atmosphere of exhibition halls when they are quite deserted and feeling the artwork exposed. I am absolutely helpless when there is a throng around.

I went twice around . I selected a few works of art  I really enjoyed looking at: I like their shape, the material they are made with from bronze to stone and maybe clay or plaster ( don’t really know for the woman à la cuillère), the sort of oneiric feeling they convey.





My favorite sculpture is a bronze called “Le Nez”- 1947-  ( The Nose) which is a sort of death mask with hollow cheeks and an extra long thin nose. That mask made me think of the ones worn by actors in Molière’s times . Molière was quite influenced by commedia dell’arte. Most of all it made me think of the beak masks worn by doctors during the terrible Plague pandemics that devastated Europe at large over centuries.


I stayed away from another sculpture in the same area. It represented a head taken from a corpse to me. I was suddenly cold. Brrr!



 And … I saw the iconic “Homme qui marche” ( Man Walking) I had seen in many books since my school years. Impressive! I went round many times 😉 You could feel the movement. 


More pics:

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