Lie down with the lions: a spy story by Ken Follett.

I didn’t know anything about the Panjshir Valley in north central Afghanistan where the war raged between the Soviet troops and the Tajiks lead by Massoud in the 1980’s. The Red Army was fiercely opposed in that  naturally beautiful, wild and hostile Five Lions Valley. 

What I like most about Follett’s fictions is the fact you learn lots about places- without tedious descriptions- and history, all wrapped in a breathless fictional story. I am literally hooked on his stories.

In this book, we have also a better insight of the status of women in this part of the world. What a long way to go for them!


And, as usual, but a little more than usual, a torrid love scene of  which Follett  says it is “rather steamy”. I like  the word “rather” coming from him 😀 – The art of understatement I love so much with the Bristish; I can well imagine him saying this, a twinkle in his eyes as if caught a finger in the jam pot 😀

That story is considered as a spy book but to me it is an adventure story, sometimes as crazy as a James Bond film, which means a little far-fetched but as a reader, I got so engrossed by the story that I let several lunch(es)-and dinners- burn on the stove 😀

Time for me to read something else though. I started reading, in French this timela vérité sur l’affaire Harry Québert, and it has a promising start.