On Wings of Eagles by Ken Follett


The Iran-US hostage crisis has remained vivid in my mind over more than 3 decades but I didn’t know anyhing about the rescue team privately conducted by Ross Perrot to free his employees from Tehran in 1978-1979, at the start of the Iranian Islamic Revolution. In contrast, the French medias ( newspapers and TV) were spilling info out about Ayatollah Komheini, opponent to the Shah in Iran. No wonder! He had found shelter in a village near Paris. He was a chilling image to the young adults we were then.

In those days, the two main American info magazines available in France were Newsweek and Time Magazine., but no access to American TV channels and obviously no internet . I have no recollecton of any articles referring to Perrot’s rescue team then but, maybe I missed them ifever they existed.

Reading Ken Follett’s « non fiction novel », as he calls it, I had a strange feeling about that episode. To me, Follett has emphasized too much the role of the rescue team «  the goodies » fighting « the baddies ». So much emphasis made me feel dubious, especially when the terrifying Gasr prison was stormed and taken over thanks to one of the rescue members. Very unlikely. The dramatic escape by car through rural Iran to Turkey is also difficult to believe. Follett will remain Follett  but, at least, in this book he got rid of the love scenes parasitizing his other novels.

A story, not to be taken at face value, then!

Ending reading Ken Follett’s novels at the time being. Waiting for his new opus on Elizabeth I .