Testing colours, colouring pencils and coloured felt pens for colouring postcards

I tried both sort of colouring equipment.

1- Caran d’Ache 18 ( Pablo): permanent colouring Swiss made


Crayon couleurs


2- Stabilo Fineliner, mini format, 0,4mm, 18 point 88.



My opinion:

I felt much better with colouring pencils which were easier to work with.

a) The felt pens I used were too thick. I should have used 0,3 mm tips to avoid going over the edges when coloring in.  See what I mean below. The colours are brighter though. I’ll have to try thinner fine liners next time. Better try them first, on a piece of paper, in order not to be disappointed by the colours which are much heavier and darker than the caps let suppose.

Feutres 3

b) The pencils were much easier to handle and the visual impression is much richer:  I am talking about the various shades. Many more possibilities than felt pens and you can correct your errors, which is hell with felt pens!!

And … using thick paper is an absolute prerequisite when colouring, otherwise the colours can run through it. My, my!

But it is a fun activity to concentrate and spend long hours, oblivious of the outside world.

Still a long way to go!