Touch and go by Lisa Gardner

A story of abduction, dark secrets,  severe betrayal, abuse, addiction to pain killers , lies, violence,  sexual “gene pool” and a flavor of oranges for pain.

I didn’t like that thriller. Too dark! But I am stubborn and like to finish whatever book I read. It will take a long time before I read Lisa Gardner again, if ever. I usually stay away from American series with too much violence. Had it been a TV film I would switch off my TV set to keep away from the history of that “perfect” Bostonian family. Dark, very dark story! A touch & go situation indeed! Moreover, I suspected the criminal by the middle of the book. I like to be taken for a ride in criminal enquiries. 

Language: easy American English to read but a bit too plain for me. Her writing hasn’t got the fluidity of a Ken Follett, for instance.

I learned a new expression though:  ”  nose to the grindstone ” meaning  hard at work.


That’s only my personal opinion. Some readers loved the book