The Killing Room by Peter May

Book III in Peter May’s China Thrillers.

Still the same main Protagonists: Li Yan,  the Chinese Inspector and Margaret Campbell, The American pathologist working together for the third time. Thriller set in Shanghaï.

Ingredients: abortions by the thousands because of the  One Child Policy and its consequences, sickening autopsies,  Japanese getting in ,Shanghai  city and its “irreconcilable contradictions, of past, present and future, of enormous wealth and terrible poverty”, money, corruption, political hot potato … and a still complicated love affair between the above mentioned people challenged by a third party. 

My opinion: I skipped the lengthy descriptions of autopsies and mutilations. Horrifying , gory stories  which can put you off. I nearly dropped the book. 

Shall I read Book IV? Not sure but … curiosity might kill the cat 😉