Our annual visit to Gauguin’s village in Pont-Aven

This year, we were excited to go back to Pont-Aven, the small town which became famous after versatile  Paul Gauguin elected that village as the place to be, at the end of the XIXth century. Pont-Aven had so many advantages ( landscapes, cheap lodgings, meeting with different painters …)  that it remained his best-loved area in western Brittany,  at least for a while.

Why were we more excited this year?

By the beautiful place, as usual. A place we know very well but also because it was the reopening of the museum after more than 3 years of renovation works. So we hit the road and were  blessed by real sunshine despite cold winds. Today, 1st of May,  back to rain and cold weather. At times I just wonder if our planet is really hit by global warming  🙂 To top it all, we should have had some  lily of the valley in our garden: not one sprig 😦 ,  it is still  in torpid state 😦

The new museum: well, well, well! A real disappointment! I felt a bit claustrophobic in there. The place lacks space, light and the rooms are too compartmentalized. Very difficult to take a good grasp of the pantings, no room to visualize them from a little distance. And … I got the feeling we were visiting  corridors and the only place you could breathe was in the staircase! 😦 


This description might be biased as there were lots of visitors. And the summer touristy season hasn’t begun yet! I will go back in winter to have, hopefully, a less negative opinion. 

The temporary exhibition is dedicated to the Rouart family and their ” Magical Realism” which I found attractive. There was more room to approach their paintings and it helped!