A sort of Easter Island right in the middle of Brittany, France

It is a bit of a crazy project to tell you the truth. The idea is to place 1000 statues representing Breton Saints around what used to be a motte-and-bailey castle in the early Middle Ages. 

Location: the rather poor village of Carnoët, not really on main roads one could say, seeming destined to fade in the midst of time, a place badly hit by rural desertification slowly left in oblivion but set in a  beautiful landscape shaped by generations of peasants.

And here comes a bunch of sculptors determined to carve huge statues of a myriad of Breton saints  but not only… crazy positive ideas can go a long way!!

Since 2009, huge statues by the dozens have appeared not far from the village attracting more than 30.000 visitors. Please note,  it has been a free access site up to now. Could it be the answer to keep our youngsters around thanks to tourism? 

Brittany used to be an area where each parish had a protector- saint , not always known or recognized  by the “official” Roman Church, hundreds of them. Click here to have a better grasp of the peculiarities of this  phenomenon; a non-exhaustive list for sure. I could add more Saints to that prize list 🙂

So? The idea is to sculpt lots of these saints  to express a bit of the Breton- Celtic spirit to leave a mark in history in the millennia to come, if ever our planet survives the chaos created by human beings 😉

Can you imagine people living, let’s say 10 millennia after our era?  Will they be able to decrypt  the meaning of these huge statues …or will they remain a mystery forever,  like the statues on Easter Island or the several megaliths in Brittany and Europe? It will certainly give a hard time to archeologists in the very far future and theories will be as crazy as the founding idea 🙂 New millennia  expert disputes ahead 🙂

I always have my favorites: