The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg


Lackberg’s  as her début novel in Swedish crime fiction. 

A real page turner and a “hit” ( an old word 😉  )  for a first novel.

The story is, as usual with Lackberg, set in the village of Fjällbacka which is taking time to enter the contemporary world. All the better for the reader. To me, that aspect rings a bell !

It has been said it is obsessive about parents-children’s relationship but, to me, it is more a “what -would- people- say” if they knew what had happened when a murder  is committed in such a close knit community. 

Gossips, murder, child abuse, social classes, husband molesting wife, suicide but also the beginning of a romance between a cop and a writer. Shrewd Camilla Lackberg: one must read the following book to have more info on the subject.