Brexit is a beginning

Before the referendum the United Kingdom, the American carrier in Europe,  had one foot in and one foot out in the EU, as I pointed out some months ago. They had never resolutely accepted to join the UE  unless they had their own way or followed who they  wrongly think their ally is ( the USA). Hopefefully now the TTIP would be much much harder to push through.

As a French editorial writer wrote : ” Since the beginning of the UE, our English friends  just asked the only question worth asking for them:  is the best way to destroy the EU from inside or outside?”  Only Churchill sincerely wished Europe would be successful provided, however,  England would stay out” !!!! He skipped the fading “grandeur” of the British Empire there. None is perfect!

So what happened to tip the scales in favor of a Brexit? 

If the trade and economic balance would have tilted on the bright side or at least on a positive side for Her Majesty’subjects, they would have voted to stay in the E.U. But ultra-liberal economy (advocated by the British leaders themselves) has on a large scale, shown its powerlessness ( incapacity, hopelessness).

We have reached the point of no return and what will happen next? The pro-Brexit campaign has avoided that stage by not focussing on the consequences. 

I have seen in the last 4 decades the country going down and down. Maggie Thatcher has done more damage to the UK than any European commission. You can’t blame the U.E to the devastated field she has left and to be truthful it is not a disaster if the UK has decided to leave. Had they remained you could have counted on the Great Britons to have us pay dearly their staying in: exemptions, all sort of  special statutes, derogations. The diplomatic mishmash has dragged on for too long. Europe or what is left of that beautiful idea would not have survived, regardless of what the officials in Brussels “who rule imaginary countries like Sancho Panzas”. No future with the current U.K within the EU.

Shall we try something else by giving Europe a political and democratic dimension preventing it from running around like a headless chicken ? The only way could be a Franco-German alliance, back to its original scheme open to the countries who would like to join in. Victor Hugo, in “the Rhine River” ,  his political manifesto ,  in the XIXth century already pointed out that  the” United states of Europe” could only rely on France and Germany and would oppose 2 challengers: Russia and England.!!

So what can be proposed next? 

1- ” Let present Europe simmer as a free trade area”

2- ” Work  hard for an economic recovery, a most important condition to a Franco-German alliance”

3- ” Build an area of common sovereignty incorporating our diplomacies, armies,  police forces and in the medium term our economic and social organisation.”

4- ” Preserve our national sovereignty in meaningful and strong areas concerning culture, language, education and ways of life.”

We have given up the idea, since Napoléon, to unify Europe by war. Since experience has shown it has also been impossible to build it negociating with all nations.  An agglutinating process based on a hard-core support  might be the only way to do so.

Brexit is not an end and if we are willing, it might be a beginning. Utopia? 

Looking at the map this morning. No surprise!  The English society is class-related and it doesn’t give a damn to the people who are struggling to live on low income if any, the destruction of NHS, social benefits, immigration … If people are poorer and poorer, it’s their fault, isn’t it? As far as the City and its Stock Exchange make huge and indecent profits without any dividend sharing, what’s the hell?  

To me,  this vote is exactly what may happen to France in the next Presidential election in 2017. A vote of protest for not been listened to, cast aside … etc… Wake up and move your asses, crooked  professional politicians and care for your people if it is not too late! Excuse my French! Globalization doesn’t explain everything, far from it! Could you be more faithful to your commitment during electoral campaigns, less servile towards big business, finance and big money, less eager to keep your position ( you will end up loosing anyway), more humane ( If you still know what that means) and less greedy, corrupted and  more fearful of the disaster you are causing right now and in the very near future? … the list is non – exhaustive. It’s your job and don’t let so-called experts lead you by your nose! Resist if you still have some backbone left! STOP AND THINK!!

Brexit map
Brexit map

” Si les britanniques étaient restés, l’Europe risquait la dislocation”:Nicole Fontaine, ancienne présidente du Parlement européen de 1999 à 2002