The stonecutter by Camilla Lackberg

After having moderately appreciated book 2 in the series, I gave Camilla Lackberg a last  chance to surprise and get me interested in her next book called the stone cutter, and to follow Erica Falk / Patrick Hedström ‘s relationship and their newborn baby.

Mission accomplished. Couldn’t leave the book until its surprising ending which will  have me read the following book to know how Erica’s younger sister will managed to get out of her nightmare, having gone back to a demented husband.

This psychological crime novel hovers over a century and there is certainly” something rotten” in the realm of Sweden and especially in Fjällbacka where Camilla Lacberg likes to set her stories. Mind you! I learned and checked that there were granite quarries in that small fishing village at the turn of  last century. 

Lots of characters in this novel are really psychologically disturbed and the question of the way you bring up kids is very significant, parents-children relationship being the key to more serenity. But what a collection of weirdos in this book! 

A flaw though: the omniscient narrator tediously takes too long to explain the murderer’s motives, the reader had connected past and present beforehand but if you don’t take the risk to read the novel right to its end you’ll miss a capital element to carry on in the series. I nearly dropped the book but I am glad I didn’t. And hopefully Erica Flack will get out of her post-natal depression. From a free woman she has turned into an uninteresting character.