The Stranger by Camilla Lackberg ( book 4 in the series Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck)


A series of car crashes.

A series of similar murders over many years / Serial killers very seldom met in Sweden.

Young twins locked in a house.

A trashy reality show with lots of freaks around.

A new police officer at the police station

A wedding being prepared in which the future husband takes no part.

Those are the main ingredients in book 4 of the series involving Patrik Hedström, the detective and Erica Falk his girlfriend.

A story or shall I say several  entangled stories are told in this book  and the far-fetched crimes solving bored me to death.

A book title I don’t really understand

I  read book 5 in French: The Hidden Child and to me that book is the best in the series. It is the only one worth reading and can be read on its own. 

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I think Camilla Lackberg will be forgotten in  my book wish list for now. No surprise any more! Disappointing book and too long for no reason at all!