Travelling portion of the Flax Road in Brittany (1)

Let’s start by the small  town of Moncontour and its replicas of medieval signs, before hitting part of the Flax Road we are so much interested in. An interest which hasn’t faded in the last four decades. 

As often, when on a trip, you come across items drawing your attention and having very little to do with the initial purpose.

So before talking about the flax trade in Brittany from the XVIth to the XVIIIth centuries, let’s have a look at what was in store for us in the town above mentioned.  

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Two street names made me smile though, despite the coldness of the austere granite stones of the citadel:

1- The first one:


It is written: “Way out”  but leading to a cul-de-sac 🙂 What’s the point 😉 😉

2-  The second one can trigger one’s imagination:


Could mean highly decadent street. In what way? ;-)
                 Could it mean highly decadent street. In what way? 😉 Have you got any idea?
Moncontour, listed as a small Town of Character. Not easy  to get an idea of what it looks like as a whole within a pic 😉