Remembrance Day 2016

Cornflower from my garden
Cornflower from my garden

Since the beginning of the WWI centennial in 2014, some villages in Brittany have been cleaning, repairing or coloring their war memorials as a tribute to their youngsters slaughtered from 1914 to 1918.

In the small village of Lannéanou, lost in the countryside, the memorial has been completely rehabilitated and painted in striking blue. Fortunately the color wasn’t really that bright in the trenches,   soldiers could have easily been clay pigeon targets ( note they had red trousers previously 😦   )  In fact their uniform was light blue, which remained in French collective memory as “bleu horizon”. 

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Meanwhile the Germans were wearing greenish grey uniforms, much less visible. Spot the error!!


French uniform in 1915
French uniform in 1915

The new war memorial in Lannéanou, a cleaned and painted statue but  still the same since the 1920’s.



Here is the old statue before being refurbished: