Budapest: the shoe memorial – Day 2 – (part 3)

I had seen pictures of the shoes on the bank of the River Danube. I don’t remember where or when but I absolutely wanted to see them. 

It was a very moving, heartbreaking and an unforgettable moment during our trip. Those shoes are a gloomy symbol of the madness of fanatics , The facist Arrow Cross Militia Men, who threw 3,500 people ( ordinary people, Jews, Romani…)  in the river from 1944 to 1945 after shooting them to death: children, women, old people, young men  … All these victims were forced to take off their shoes before been executed and pushed into the water as mere waste.Click here for more info.

I have never had any real words to convey my feeling of despair for humankind. I know, for sure, we never learn lessons from the past; very unfortunately for us all. 

One remark though: why isn’t the place cleaned like the rest of the city? Those shoes don’t seem to be taken care of, filled with sand or gravel for a some of them. Maybe some people don’t want the whole world to see the Shoes of the Danube, a macabre testimony under your nose: Click for more info

We knew what country we were entering, ruled by an autocratic leader: Viktor Orban, having the medias under his thumb. If you can spare the time, read the following article published in The Newstateman on Agust 1st, 2017:  Click to read the lengthy article which might help you to understand.

Countless tourists visiting capitals don’t really give a damn, they could be on the moon or anywhere else, but we do care. On our way from the airport to the city center we saw a large poster of Hungarian born multi-billionaire George Soros, despising him ( we don’t have a clue about the Hungarian language but the poster was explicit in a derogatory manner) Click to read more info

The vile beast is still alive! Please, read for more details.