Phantom Thread by Paul Anderson ( Top American drama movie)

Probably a masterpiece, as some have said. I quite agree after thinking about it. Getting out of the theatre I really thought that film was out of the loony bin but its after-effects were quite interesting the next day when the full understanding got to my mind: ” Paul Thomas Anderson ‘s films have all  got a secret, sometimes so hidden that one gets exhausted in trying to unravel the mystery.” That was the case for me in that film.  It took me an early morning walk with my dog to near its substance with the help of a film review published in the British online newspaper called the Independent. 

Have a go at the the review  if you are heading to see that movie. It is worth it. It can help you not to be puzzled and frustrated when you get out of the theatre.

For his last appearance in the movie business, Daniel Day-Lewis is offering us a choice cut.

And his counterpart, Vicky Krieps, is just fabulous. 

Two actors, one at the end of his career ( Day-Lewis) and the other one at the beginning. What a match!