Portugal season 2: Guimaraes Post 6

We took a liking to travelling by train from Porto. 

In the morning we were informed we couldn’t get back home because of the air controllers’ strike in France. We went straight to the airport to get registered on the next flight 4 days later ( their internet portal was stuck) . That didn’t really ( at that time anyway) bother us. I still wonder how the tourists who weren’t in Porto managed. I would learn later on one had to be reactive and resourceful to fend for oneself. 

4 more days in Portugal were going to be great, taking into account our hotel accepted an extension which wasn’t that easy for other travelers we met at the airport. 

So? 4 more days in Portugal which weren’t completely included in our budget but we remained positive despite the going getting  tough! 😦

After talking for a while we decided to get back to Sao Bento station and headed to Guimaraes


Guimaraes was the first capital  and the cradle of “Portugality” in the XIIth century. It became  World Heritage in 2001 thanks to its beautifully  renovated historic medieval heart. Thank you European money!! It also became European capital of Culture in 2012, along with a city called Maribor in Slovenia. It deserves it. Its renovation, the helpfulness of its inhabitants and “the feel good atmosphere” are very attractive without mentioning how much the tourist places are quite affordable, much more than in Porto or Lisbon which have become expensive.  

What struck me was a carved scene  representing “The Flight into Egypt” in a museum next to the church. I got glued to its finesse and colors. P1140394.JPG



Maybe it reminded me of religious scenes you can see in Breton churches and chapels.