Every penny can help!

Rebuilding Notre Dame cathedral will obviously take quite some time. I remember as a kid and as an adult going to places where able people were rebuilding castles , old buildings including churches ( my own locally).

I got interested in the craftsmanship of the workers rebuilding and taking great care of reconstructing the places. I paid to see the workers and artists working.

SO? WHAT ABOUT GIVING ACCESS TO MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC , including tourists, TO OFFER THEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO WITNESS HOW SITES ARE REBUILT! I am sure lots of people would be interested and every penny could help.  

In France we have gifted people capable of carrying on such a difficult task:  Have a look of what can be done when a site was absolutely run down.

Another church was burned down by a kid who played with candles in 1998 and reconstructed: Incendie de l’église de St Thégonnec dans le département du Finistère.

10 years later the result is just stupendous. Click and scroll down to have access to the pics.