For the 1st of May 2019: garden grown lily and azalea

 A candid bunch of flowers to ward off the terrible threat.

Tomorrow will be a scary day as people will be demonstrating, once again in Paris. Will the police be able to stop the black blocs coming from all over ( France, Italy, Germany … etc..)? They are already there. The fight could end up in disaster. They are contesting the capitalistic system and they have become more radicalized leading to the fact that the ultra yellow vests and the black blocs are their armed branch throwing acid, bolts, harpoons, stones … to the police force.

More and more yellow vests are ready to die. Scary and stupid!  We have already lots of wounded people ( hands, eyes…) due to the use of crippling specific flash balls and sting ball grenades. 

We definitely live in a dangerous world. Here, in alarm, it could turn into civil war. Let’s say the greed of the ultra rich living in a globalized environment ( with massive taxe evasion and corruption)  is responsible and for years I have wondered when and how the social dismantling will lead us. We have a response here: violence, irrational hatred … 

I am worried, sick and tired of 5 months of conflicts with no real response from our government , in a subservient kind of relationship to the Caste.  They didn’t hear them:  “No money” ( whose fault?) they say. Mind you, Macron has put 20 to 25 billions on the table, money the next generations will have to reimburse. We live on credit and at the same time are highly taxed. This is not sustainable!