Le Bouquet de tulipes controversé de Jeff Koons / A controversial bouquet of tulips by Jeff Koons.

Not sure I like that bouquet located behind Le Petit Palais. It looks to me as if  Jeff Koons promoted his “work of art” just for commercial and financial reasons with great publications efforts. To me, it is flashy, huge, kitschy, indicative of excessive commodification of contemporary art, inappropriate ( that’s an understatement) but, fortunately , hidden behind trees from the street along the Seine riverbank. His 34-ton sculpture and its 27-ton base wouldn’t allow it to be stuck near Le Palais de Tokyo. Impossible!!! It would have been a disgrace and the pavement turned out to be not strong enough ( could it have sunk into the River?)

It was unveiled on october the 4th, 2019 at dusk to avoid disruption. It was considered as being  an “ opportunistic and cynical” gift by some but I think this controversy served Koons well, providing him heightened visibility  😦 😦

Have a look at the 2  French videos below to get an idea of how controversial Koons’s tulips were.