” A tragedy of gigantic proportions” in the U.S

As read in an online comment in a paper. I actually wrote a mail to an American friend yesterday saying more or less the same thing.


” I watched the news last night and saw American cities burning. I felt no sense of “we told you so.” What I felt was an incredible sadness. It was a deep and unexpected feeling.

I realized that what I was watching was a tragedy of gigantic proportions. The richest and most powerful country in the world is tearing itself apart and it is frightening. How this ends we don’t know but the possibilities are terrible and they will affect all of us.
All of this against the background of an out-of-control pandemic and economic disaster, 40m unemployed.
And the person at the centre of this tragedy is the president of the USA.
To say that he is the worst president the US has ever had is stating the obvious. What needs to be said is that he has shown us the importance of the people we elect to govern us, the good they can do and in this case the harm they can do.
There is a chance that some of the damage he has done can be repaired if he is replaced in the upcoming election. If he wins a second term that we will have to accept that the US is now a different country than the one we think we know. That will not be a pleasant reality”.

… but, there is some resilience in  the Police. Nothing is  neither black nor white!