The Impossible repair. Trump’s unforgivable crime

Joe Biden has signed, since taking office, a flurry of decrees to repair, when possible, the damage to Trump’s mandate.

Last Monday, he set up a working group to bring together migrant parents and children forcibly separated between 2016 and 2018. Because, to date, the expelled parents of 600 toddlers, out of 1,700 minors affected by these measures, have not been found. Where are these children? In an orphanage, in a foster home, in the street?

Whatever the efforts and, hopefully, the successes of this working group, led by Minister Alejandro Mayorkas, himself the son of a Cuban refugee, this reparation will never be completed. The wounds will never fully close. All those who have lived, approached, studied or tried to appease the absolute tragedy that the forced separation or abandonment represents for a child, whether they are social workers, adoptive parents or (child )psychiatrists, all will say that a child  never comes out unscathed. That it will take a life, at best, to tame this burn.

The former president will have a second impeachment trial. But this crime is not among the charges. Yet it is the most heinous, most reprehensible act he ordered. For America’s constitution, as strong and gnarled as an old tree, will outlast its lousy seditious impulses, far better than a child can bear to have been torn from its mother’s womb. For this crime Trump and the senior officials who countersigned this infamous order will never appear in court.

So may it haunt their nights. May they be cursed for eternity!

From someone who knows what it is all about. 

One more thing: How on earth The United States once so well-thought of  have been able to allow this crime? That Donald has damaged the most intimate essence of its values.